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We hope you are enjoying your squash in Highfield.  Your feedback is important and welcome.

MEMBERSHIP: The Subs for the new season are due from September 1 and you can read more about the arrangements here.

LADIES ONE-DAY-TOURNAMENT: Highfield will be hosting a one-day tournament on Sunday, October 6 and it can be entered on-line here.

SUMMER BOXES:  The second series of the two summer boxes is underway and matches will need to be played by 28th August. Thanks to new Club Captain, Ger Hogan, for organising them.

LADDER: You can check out your ladder position here. It has been based on the finishing positions of CC 2019 and will be unaffected by the summer box matches.

A.G.M. 2019: Our Annual General Meeting took place back in May and the new committee can be seen here. 

BUY BACK CREDITS: All members receive 14 booking credits that are used up as you book courts and returned as you confirm courts. Where the courts haven't been confirmed the credits are lost and this can result in you being unable to book. You can buy them back (refreshed to 14) here at a cost of €10.




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PLEASE - NO RUNNERS! To protect the floors it is important that players wear squash shoes only (clean) when on court.  Runners are not allowed. 

Members are requested to observe this important requirement.

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