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Under the most recent advice from Irish Squash we are continuing with Squash Pods to facilitate match play and also to re-open the dressing rooms and changing areas. Please refer to the additional information about pods here

It’s really important that before you play you read the documents below to know what is required so that we can all stay safe and well and that we don't do anything to risk the health of others by adding to the spread of the virus. It would not be a good outcome if we were to be closed for breaches discovered during an inspection.
    • The names of both players must appear on the booking sheet. This is done by clicking on the Manage button on the booking sheet and by selecting your partner's name from the drop-down menu. It is only where you are playing solo that a second name is not needed. (This is all for track and trace purposes and also to allow us to check that a player is observing the single match in a day protocol.
    • While the Covid-19 virus remains all members must confirm their health status by completing the Health Declaration Form within the 24 hours prior to using the court. This 'form' can be found on the top left of the booking sheet after log-in.
    • Due to Covid-19, for the forseeable future we will not be able to allow visitors to the club and pmembers are required to limit their squash playing to within the club only.
    • Courts can no longer be booked at the computer terminal at the club.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: One of the Irish Squash Return to Squash Protocols is a requirement for clubs to supervise the implementation of those Covid-19 Protocols. We need to have people at the courts who will help members to comply with requirements so we are asking members that while they are at the club to play their own match they agree to check that:

  1. the sanitising gel and wipes are available
  2. your club mates are observing social distancing
  3. the courts are not in use in the 10 or 15 minute intervals between bookings
  4. that players don't linger at the club when finished
  5. that the players on court match the names on the booking sheet

This can all be done with a few minutes' walk through the corridor when you arrive and before you leave. You would text or e-mail any observations in confidence to our Covid-19 CommitteeIf you can help as desribed please enter your name and e-mail address below. Your help will be greatly appreciated by all as it will allow us to re-open and remain open! Some members may prefer not to do this and we fully respect that position.

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