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Below could be the likely Irish Squash advice for a return. The committee wishes to stress that this is not the completed draft of what will eventually be proposed but we are using it to gauge members interest in a return to squash based on such likely circumstances.

PHASE 3 (June 29) or 4 (July 20) of Government Roadmap for reopening society & business (as published on May1st) - It must be stressed that these dates will be changed as dictated.
Social distancing to be observed at all times whilst at the club
Online booking system essential - player names to be recorded to facilitate contact tracing if required.
Court must be booked in advance (no play without prior booking).
(Where an electronic system doesn’t allow for two names the other household member can be entered on some type of HPSC (Health Protection Surveillance Centre) Contact Tracing Form that needs to contain the names of the other persons present - those people should be no more than the person in supervisory capacity, a coach and, if the situation required it, a parent.)
Court booking for 40 mins only
Court must remain vacant for 25 minutes after use
One player per court (two permitted if both from same household)
Use own racket & ball
Arrive at club in squash gear, ready to go on court
Shower at home afterwards
Arrive max. 10 mins before court booking, leave max. 10 mins after court session finished
Players must sanitise hands on arrival at the club using alcohol gel and again when leaving club premises
Use disinfectant wipes to clean court door handles before and after court use
Use disinfectant wipes to clean down any surface touched with your hands - court walls, bench  and seating outside court after playing
Bring own water bottle and towel (players must not leave any of their belongings – including water bottles, old grips, old balls – after them but bring them home for disposal)
Coach may work from outside court (maintain 2m distance)
Showering facilities to be closed - only access to toilet/handwashing provided. 
No bar/dining/shop service
Players/coach not permitted onsite if household member unwell with confirmed or suspected case COVID19 during previous 2 weeks
Players/coach not permitted onsite if unwell (cough, fever, shortness of breath)
Any player/coach who has recovered from COVID19 infection (where symptoms lasted >3 weeks or required hospitalisation) should consult with their GP before returning to squash
Each club to appoint one person responsible for overseeing COVID19 requirements:
Remove unnecessary chairs/furniture from outside court area
Ensure twice daily cleaning of club premises, including squash court walls & floors
Monitor court booking system
Ensure only minimum staff/volunteer personnel are onsite
Ensure showering/changing facilities are not accessible
To be the point of contact should squash player develop COVID19 following attendance at the club
Keep up to date with guidance provided by HSE/HPSC/NSAI
What does that mean for Highfield?
‘Someone’ needs to be in charge of supervising the process on our return. That person will need to oversee the implementation of the guidelines. They will include ensuring that:
1.       Social distancing requirements are adhered to
2.       The squash area is supervised when open so that requirements are complied with.
3.       All names and times are recorded for those who are on the premises.
4.       Players and others come and go as required.
5.       Players comply with court cleaning requirements.
6.       The courts and outside area are cleaned twice daily.
7.       A rota of members will be needed for daily supervision at the courts as we cannot afford to pay someone to do it. Members should share the load.
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