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The answers to some of these FAQs have been changed due to Covid-19 so you will also need to check out the Covid-19 Protocols here as well as the Membership page here.

Where is Highfield?
Check the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.
How much is it to join Highfield Squash?
This season the rate is €200 for adult membership, €85 for undergrad students and €52 for juniors (Under 19s). These rates reduce from December and you’ll find more info on the membership page.

Can I join for, say, 3 months or part of the year only?
Unfortunately not. Membership is from when you join to the end of the season, August 31. If you join after November there are reduced rates.
Is there a group rate?
Yes, persons who work for the same firm can avail of special group rates for 10 or more employees.
What are the opening hours?
We are always open - 24 x 7 x 365! Members are given an electronic fob which allows access via a private entrance that’s separate from the rugby club entrance.
What period does my membership fee cover?
All memberships run from September 1 to the following August 31. Players joining after the end of November have a sliding scale applied. 
How do I get into the courts?
Access is via key fob (included in membership) and this also controls the court lights. 
How do I book a court?
When you join you get a secure password and PIN to login and book courts – you can book a court up to 4 days in advance at the court side terminal or online at your device on www.highfieldsquash.com.
How long is a court booking?
Courts are booked for 40 minutes.
How many courts can I book per day?
A member can book 1 court per day.  However, having used that court slot, another court can be booked later on that day, if available.
How much do the lights cost?
Light fees are €1.25 for 20 minutes so it’s €2.50 between the two players for 40 minutes. You buy light ‘tokens’ online and use them when you use your fob to turn on the lights.
How can I meet playing partners?
We run a club social night on the first Friday of each month and Box Leagues operate all year round and are open to all members. Some members create informal social media groups to get in contact with other members for matches. Be sure to contact the Men's or Ladies Captain if you are short on playing partners as they can point you in the right direction.
Can I get coaching?
We have several fully qualified coaches and individual or group lessons are available by arrangement.
How can I get competitive matches?
In Highfield we have very active ‘box matches’ where you play at least 4 other members per month and move either upwards or downwards as your results dictate. We also enter teams in the Munster Squash Leagues wherein we compete with teams from other clubs.
Can I play with a visitor?
The club is members only (both players must be members) and your membership allows 24 hr access to the courts all year around.  However, a member can bring a guest to play outside of peak hours subject to our policy on visitors.
Can I play in Highfield on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis?
No. It’s members only apart from the visitors policy.
Is there a membership form?
No – there is no membership form to fill out. The only details you need to give is your full name, e-mail address and a mobile contact number so that you can be sent your private personal user name and PIN in order to book courts and to keep in touch on squash matters. We pass on your info. to no one other than Irish Squash.
What’s the best way to sign up?
Contact the club treasurer.
Is there a beginner level in the club?
Most definitely – you’ll meet every standard – we all have to start somewhere. Beginners are encouraged to contact a coach when they join – always good to get a few lessons under your belt to instil good habits and also to get some contact names from the coach for games.
What other costs are associated with Squash?
You’ll need wear non-marking court shoes. Heaton’s do a range of squash shoes for around €35. Normal appropriate gym gear will do for clothing. You can buy 12 x squash balls online for around €20. Racquets vary in price but you can pick up a very decent quality racquet online for around €40. Argos also sell balls & racquets so worth looking there also.
My partner is eager to play also. Can (s)he play on my membership?
No, but they are welcome as a visitor. See the visitor policy. There is also a Family Rate.
How busy is Highfield? Is it difficult to get a court?
Highfield is a very active club, otherwise it would have shut down long ago like many other squash clubs. However, bookings are handled fairly and the same rules apply to all and it’s up to the individual to make the most of their membership. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are generally quiet but Monday to Thursday evenings between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. can be very busy.
What squash gear will I need? Can I rent it at the club?
You need to get that stuff yourself – we don’t rent these. Squash shoes (non-marking indoor) are the most important thing that we insist everyone wears in order to protect the wooden floor boards on the courts – Heaton’s do a range of squash shoes for between €30-€40. They also do racquets and squash balls. SportsDirect also do very good deals on shoes-racquets-balls. Or try Argos.
I read that you need to have indoor shoes for the court, is this a must?
Yes – indoor shoes are a must and there are warning signs all over the club walls about this. The wooden floor in a squash court is not treated or varnished for safety sake and therefore the court floors are unprotected so we insist on players wearing proper non-marking squash court shoes. If players wore the normal runners used for jogging they would leave marks and stains on the courts and damage the wood. You should be able to pick up a decent pair of squash shoes online or at Heaton’s for around €30-€40.
Family membership?
I’m thinking of signing up for family membership as my children are already playing. Is there any discount available for family membership?
Yes, the family rate will cover adult partners and all of their junior (U19) children. See the membership page.

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