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Update for members!
Hopefully, this finds you very well and that you are managing the latest lock-down. Unfortunately, we are closed again as sport has to take a back seat to public health. However, some things have still been going on and there’s also much more to be done.

Covid-19 Expenses:
Between contributing to the cost of the sanitizer, buying the dispensers, wipes and signage the Squash Club spent about €3,000. We were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Local Sports Partnership through the Cork City Council for €1,500 so that has been a big help.

LED Lights:
At the end of last season we successfully applied for a Sports Capital Grant that would go towards the cost of installing LED lights on all three courts Although an expensive job it is well worth doing. Not only are these lights 'greener' but, as they last longer than the current fluorescent tubes, the practical difficulties of replacing them should become much less frequent. It's no joke up on a ladder trying to fit those things! Hopefully we'll no longer have to be asking the likes of Bryan Aherne, Jim O'Callaghan or Dermot Ryan to be risking life and limb to help with suddenly darkened courts!

Attic Insulation:
There is no insulation in the attic space above the courts and that’s another job earmarked for completion this season.
The overall cost of these two jobs will be in the region of €7,000 and we are happy to have been granted a substantial amount of this through the Sports Capital Grant administered through Cork City Council.

Heating the showers:
As the ladies will attest, we've been having serious on-going issues with the water heating. Remedial work has now been completed on piping and valves going to the boiler so the problem has, hopefully, been finally resolved. Of course this work has used up some of the funds earmarked for the other projects. The boiler’s days are numbered so it will have to be replaced. More expense!

The money you pay in membership sub and light tokens goes to Highfield R.F.C. who cover the day to day running expenses. We retain a small portion of the sub to cover Irish Squash Affiliation fees and Munster Squash League Fees and the unused amounts of these give us a degree of financial independence that we would not otherwise have.

Irish Squash:
This season, to recognise the difficulties being experienced by squash clubs, Irish Squash has refunded the affiliation fees from last and this season. This will allow us to carry out the work described above as well as with some other work that would otherwise not have been done.

The ‘tins’:
Professional players in PSA events play with tins that are 5 cms lower than the ones used by us lesser mortals. Ideally the tin should be capable of being adjusted to facilitate both modes and that’s what we are hoping for. That will allow the club to host such events when needed.

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