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Pods Explained

Introducing Squash Pods and Bubbles
Clubs have re-opened and restricted play is permitted under our published guidelines. Phase 3 of the Irish Government’s Roadmap remains in place and further detail on what may be permitted is now necessary.
Therefore, Irish Squash in consultation with Sport Ireland, supports the introduction of ‘Squash Pods’ which is consistent with public health advice for the COVID-19 pandemic. This may be implemented with immediate effect within clubs in consultation with COVID committees.
What is a Squash Pod?
  • It is a small group of players within the same club who agree to play and/or train with each other on a regular basis
  • Pods may have 2 to 6 members
  • A player may only be a member of one pod at a time
How will Squash Pods work?
  • Players should agree upon membership of their pod, liaising with a coach for advice if necessary
  • Each Pod should register with the club’s COVID Committee
  • Membership of a Pod should remain unchanged for 8 weeks
  • Within each Pod, players may choose to train or play matches
  • 2 players per court only
  • Household members in the same pod are counted as 2 individuals
  • A Pod can be run as a round robin
NB       Coaching lessons will operate outside Pods (for players and coaches)
Your club is a ‘Squash Bubble’
Irish Squash strongly recommend that all players restrict their squash activity to one club only. This is in keeping with introducing the concept of Squash Bubbles, whereby clubs are identified as Bubbles in this COVID era. We hope to use this framework in planning any interclub activity that might be feasible in 2020/2021.

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The above has been reproduced direct from Irish Squash and the remainder below has been composed by the committee from frequently asked questions. The answers have been confirmed as accurate by Irish Squash.

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Have the other covid-19 protocols been changed? 
All protocols continue to apply and should be re-read here.
Why are pods being introduced? 
They allow match play while limiting the number of players to which one is exposed.

How many players in a pod?  
2 to 6. That’s you and 1 to 5 others.
How can I get in a pod?                      
Discuss it with your squash partners and once happy enter the names on the relevant online form on the website.
How long do the pods last?                 
8 weeks or until there is any earlier change to the Irish Squash Covid-19 Protocols. (They must not be ‘revolving doors’ with players coming and going).
What can I do in a squash pod?          
Play matches or do routines with one other player.
What about socially distanced routines?                          
Routines between non household members are now to be done within the pods and can be socially distanced if you wish but they don’t have to be.                        
What about household members?     
Household members can be in the same pods, different pods or no pods at all and can continue to do routines or match play together on court separate from any pod arrangements. However, when in a pod they count as separate members. 
What about junior members?            
These arrangements apply equally to junior members and parents / guardians need to be aware of all of the protocols.
If a player is injured can he/she be replaced in the pod?          
A player who is injured and out of the pod for more than 3 weeks can be replaced but cannot return to the pod at short notice.
Can I be in a pod in a second  club? 
No. Highfield members are required to limit their squash to within Highfield until the virus has gone.
Can I continue to do solo routines      
These may continue as before.
How long can I stay on court?            
Currently you may book 2 consecutive courts but that will be restricted to off peak times when the courts become busy.

How often can play?                           
Until further notice players should play only once a day.
When I am playing, what names must be on the booking sheet? 
The names of both players must appear on the online booking sheet. It is only ok to have one name on the booking if you are doing solo routines.
What about being coached?               
This takes place outside of pods and must be socially distanced. However, Irish Squash says that more work needs to be done on this area and we will notify members on this once new information is available.
If I am a coach can I play in a pod?     
Coaches may play squash in their pods but coaching must follow all the coaching protocols already in operation including social distancing. However, Irish Squash says that more work needs to be done on this area and we will notify members on this once new information is available.
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