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Squash needs more referees and now you can avail of the World Squash Officiating website to progress from level 0 (beginner player) to Level 3 (National Referee). It's a great innovation and Irish Squash is covering the fee for doing the Level 1 grade. Read more about that and other things here on the Irish Squash Refereeing page.

Irish Squash's new policy on refereeing and the Rules of Squash recommends that ALL players should achieve W.S.O. Level 0 to add to their safety and enjoyment while players who want to play competitively should be able to manage Level 1.
You can also check out your understanding of the Rules of Squash with some useful refereeing quizzes here and download the rules from there as well.

You can check out our Highfield Referees here.
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