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The season starts on September 1 and subs are due from then. All subs must be paid through PayPal and apart from the league fees paid to Munster Squash and your affiliation fee to Irish Squash all of the squash subscription is paid to Highfield R.F.C. PayPal commission has been included in the fees.

Membership rates: Our membership subscriptions have been increased to reflect the higher costs associated with the running of the club and this increase comes after a five-year period of no increase. The regular adult individual membership subscription is €220 and the family rate is €360.  Undergrad students can join for €100 while the junior rate is €60. Group membership is explained here.

For new members from April 1 our subs reduce to Family €220 and Adult Individual to €110 - (only these two categories have been reduced).

The subs below include the PayPal commission of 3.4% plus 35c.

In Highfield we welcome new members and look forward to helping you get the most from your membership.  Here are some tips on doing just that:

  • Courts are accessible 24/7 and can be booked up to four days in advance on-line or at the courts. You start the season with 14 booking credits and use 2 each time you book a court. These are returned when you confirm your court.
  • Light Tokens are needed to activate the lights and can be bought on-line.
  • To work on the basics of the game or would like to improve your level feel free to contact our qualified coaches.

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