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Live Streaming

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Court Cameras (Yet to be activated, we hope to use them for the upcoming Club Championship Semi-Finals and Finals)
The installed cameras allow for the recording and live-streaming of squash matches. The idea is that competitions such as the Club Championship, The Munster Senior, Masters and Junior Opens, Munster Leagues and your own 'friendlies' the matches will be videoed. They are automatically uploaded live to the Highfield Squash channels on YouTube - public (for all to view) or private (for all members to view).
The benefits of live streaming* include:
  • People not at Highfield can watch a live squash match being played at the club.
  • Members who cannot attend a tournament or league match can watch it live from home.
  • Players can analyse their match afterwards.
  • Players and their coaches can discuss various aspects of a match to help improve play.
  • The availability of videoed matches can be used for player, coach and referee development.
  • Players turn on and off the cameras themselves (except leagues and tournaments).
  • 'Post-mortems' will never be the same! :)

* Live streaming of squash at the club has been grant aided by Irish Squash as part of a pilot programme where 3 clubs agreed to pilot the project. We are very grateful to Irish Squash for this support and we will be reporting back to them on our experience. In particular Highfield would like to thank Peter O'Halloran of Leinster C.C. for his work on this project.

Live streaming works as follows:
Where a player wishes to record a match it must be with the agreement of their opponent. The camera can be switched on at the computer terminal outside the courts in the same way as the court heaters are turned on. Once the lights go off, so too does the camera. The 'On Air' indicator outside the court (see pic above) will indicate when the camera is active.

For Leagues and Tournaments the camera will be 'on'. If one of the players prefers that their match is not recorded they request that it be turned off during their match.

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I turn on the camera? If both players would like to video the match one of them can turn the video camera to 'ON' at the computer terminal.
  2. How do I turn off the camera? You can turn the camera off in the same way that one currently turns off the heaters - at the computer terminal outside C1. In any event the camera will also turn off once the court turn off.
  3. Is Live Streaming available on all three courts in Highfield? No. At present there is no camera on C3 and it is intended that this will continue to be the case.
  4. What do the cameras show? The focus of the camera is towards the courts so that what appears on video is the court action. If someone walks in front of the camera they may appear on the video.
  5. Who can see the view the videos on Youtube? In the case of league matches and competitions the videos will be uploaded to the club's public channel so that anyone one searching Youtube for, say, The Munster Junior Open 2025 will be able to view the matches. Other use of live streaming such as where a player turns on the camera for their friendly match or coaching session is available only to those members who have the link to that video. That live streaming is uploaded to the club's public channel but without the video beig classified.
  6. Can viewers comment on the Youtube video? No. Comments are turned off.
  7. Can I request that my video be removed from YouTube? Yes, on request to
  8. Can others request that my video be removed from YouTube? Not unless it is deemed inappropriate and that would be a committee decision.
  9. Can I be videoed against my will? No. The default setting at the club will be that the videos are set to 'OFF'. If a player wishes to record the match they turn the camera on themselves.
  10. Is the camera always on? NO. The camera is 'off' until turned on and when the camera is on the 'On Air' indicator lights up. It will turn off when the court lights go off.
  11. What if I forget to turn off the camera? The camera will automatically turn off when the lights on the court go off.
  12. What if I want to use 'live streaming' but my opponent doesn't? It should become protocol within the club that one always asks an opponent if they agree to the turning on of the camera. Where they don't agree the camera should remain off.
  13. How can I view my video? You will be sent a link to the video on YouTube direct to your mobile phone. You can share that link with your opponent.
  14. Can I delete my uploaded video myself? No. To get the video deleted contact info@highfieldsquash.
  15. How can I get a copy of my video? The video is on Youtube so you can download it from there. The club will not do this for you. It is probably a good idea to download it if your are requesting that it be deleted as that way you have a video of your play and it has been deleted from YouTube.
  16. Can the camera be active / 'on' without a player turning it on? Yes. When there is a league match or a tournament in progress the camera will be on for the duration of the tie or competition. Where a player prefers not to be videoed the camera will be turned off on request.
  17. Can juniors be videoed? The club subscribes to the Irish Squash 'use of digital imaging' policy. That means during junior tournaments like the Munster Junior Open the matches will be routinely videoed and live streamed. This allows parents and friends to watch the matches from home. It also allows for coach support remotely and for subsequent coach and player analysis. Again, the uploaded video will be deleted on request of either the parent or the junior.
  18. Will junior coaching be videoed? No. The normal organised group coaching of juniors will never be videoed.
  19. Can a player who is receiving coaching (including a junior player) use live streaming? Yes.
  20. Who 'controls' the operation of live streaming at the club? At present the suppliers are a business called Streamteam Productions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. They operate is partnership with SquashTVLocal to supply and service our live streaming. They can access the cameras remotely and view on-court action. If that occurs then the On Air sign will activate. This might happen where the club requests assistance. No one in the club has this remote access to view on court action.
  21. What access have committee members to the live streaming system and controls? Alec Myles and Lee Healy will operate the YouTube channel on behalf of the committee. They can turn on and off the cameras, add titles to video streams, such as "Highfield Club Championship 2024" and delete videos on request to info@highfieldsquash.

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